Anonymous asked:
are you confident about your appearance

I guess ye :)

Anonymous asked:
How long have you and your boyfriend been together for? You guys are so cute btw

10 months and thankk you love!

Anonymous asked:
Aren't you and your boyfriend still together ?

yee we are 

If you haven’t found the “one” consider yourself lucky. Because when you fall in love you live in fear, doubt etc. Not saying every relationship is like that. But you might just fall in love in a hopeless place like I did and everyday will consist of you being afraid of whats going to happen next. My love is broken, very broken. I walked in his path and broke myself along the way. But you rarely ever think of yourself. And that’s where I am now. I forgot to love myself when all my love went to him. I’ll take any kind of pain just to see him happy. Its that kind of love that could kill you.

Moral of the story, my life could be a fucking movie if only people knew.

Anonymous asked:
what do you and your bf have in common?

We’re both in love

Anonymous asked:
should I be hurt or angry about what my boyfriend used to do with other girls in the past

No its the past, don’t let it get to you!

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